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American Boy: Pushing Sixty

CANNED - Booted, bumped, down-sized, fired, forced out, hated, hired, jobless, laid off, let go, out of work, out-sourced, pink-slipped, terminated, sacked, unemployed

One Morning In Jersey City

Retrieving Labrador Days dog tales in prose and verse

Sixteen Inches On Center

Sometimes I Swear In Italian

Voices on the Bus train, subway, sidewalk and in my head

Yountakah Country - A Poetic View of Nutley, Old and New


American Boy: Pushing Sixty by Anthony BuccinoAmerican Boy: Pushing Sixty

About life and growing up in New Jersey in the 1950s,1960s, and 1970s, and growing older in the 1980s, 1990s and the oughts. 

Canned booted bumped down-sized fired forced out, by Anthony BuccinoCANNED - Booted, bumped, down-sized, fired, forced out, hated, hired, jobless, laid off, let go, out of work, out-sourced, pink-slipped, terminated, sacked, unemployed

The hard-hitting truth about being out of work, the strains that tag along and the sinking boat you feel you're riding in. This collection deals with a difficult subject in a very real way. It's strength is its realness and that is also its greatest weakness. It's not for the faint of heart. A must-have for anyone who deals in human resources, personnel, recruitment, job placement, or has been fired, laid-off and is out of work.


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One morning in Jersey City, verse by Anthony BuccinoOne Morning In Jersey City

Verse written along the Hudson River in Jersey City, N.J.

You can hear a lot by looking around. Sometimes, standing along the Hudson River shoreline, you can dream of the freedom in the sailing beauty slipping through the waves, or question the signals proffered by a hungry seagull, or ponder why the pigeons follow you. Or you could sit ever so still and listen to the clatter of heels on the tile as the cigarette mafia heads outside for fresh air. 


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Town that gives poetic license

Retrieving Labrador Days by Anthony BuccinoRetrieving Labrador Days dog tales in prose and verse

Stories and verse about each of his three Labrador retrievers and some of the other dogs and people whose lives they touched.

Shaggy dogs, mutts, mongrels, three Labrador retrievers and a pet rabbit inspire the stories and poems in this collection. Pets of one kind or another have shared the past six decades of the author's life, and here are some stories that will make you laugh out loud and others that remind you of the escapades and exasperations you've been through with your pets.

Essays and Verse

 Local Author Writes About Menagerie of Pets


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Sixteen Inches on Center By Anthony Buccino

Sixteen Inches on Center

Father viewed through a grown son's eyes. Seeing a father through a grown son's eyes. The son of a World War II veteran looks at the 20-plus years they had together, the missteps the missed opportunities, and the things that remain.

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Sometimes I Swear in Italian by Anthony BuccinoSometimes I Swear In Italian

Anthony Buccino's collection about growing up Italian American in New Jersey and discovering the roots of his ancestors. 

Read about the old neighborhood where the bianca lina man sold bleach to make the white linens; and the young boy growing up in the house his grandfather built, and living upstairs from his scary grandma who spoke no English. This American boy discovers the land his ancestors left to make a better life for his generation. The pigeons that follow him throughout Italy provide the connection to his father - who raised homers - who didn't speak English until he started school - the rich heritage of the old country, and the enormous sacrifice of his grandparents. Despite its title, Sometimes I Swear In Italian contains no profanity in any language.


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Voices on the bus by Anthony BuccinoVoices on the Bus train, subway, sidewalk and in my head

Verse  about commuting in Northern New Jersey.

Feel the rhythm of the rails as you travel the last days of the Newark City Subway, or the PATH, and be relieved you are not present to hear the Preacher Man or Mr. Tourette's but do listen for the noise above the hum of the wheels and turn your ear to the voices on the bus, train or standing nearby on the platform. 



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Yountakah Country - A Poetic View of Nutley Old and New by Anthony BuccinoYountakah Country - A Poetic View of Nutley, Old and New

Local writer takes some history, some folk lore and some current news and mixes them together in this humorous and thoughtful collection of verse about the little town in north eastern Essex County. On these pages, Anthony Buccino brings together the Lenni Lenape, Annie Oakley and pizza wars. 

Verse, history


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Over The Back Fence

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Retrieving Labrador Days: Dog tales in prose and verse

American Boy: Pushing Sixty

Canned booted, bumped... sacked, unemployed

Sometimes I Swear In Italian

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