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Anthony Buccino has photographed - in no particular order - the lunch hour views at Jersey City along the Hudson River and its ever rising high-rises; Times Square during morning and evening commutes, as well as uncharted walking tours during mid-day breaks; Frenchtown and Lambertville, N.J.; Branch Brook Park and Belleville Park cherry blossoms; various seasons in the Nutley, N.J., park system; Kingsland Manor; The Nutley Museum; The National World War II Museum, New Orleans, through the years since it was the National D-Day Museum; Riverkeeper Cruises on Newark Bay, the Hackensack and Passaic rivers; parts of the old Morris Canal in Bloomfield, Belleville and Clifton; a top-to-bottom tour of the main tourist must-see locations in Italy; Lugano, Switzerland; several Geraldine Dodge Poetry festivals in New Jersey; a D-Day reenactment on the shores of Lake Erie; his teenage haunts in Ashtabula, Ohio; dozens of local New Jersey poetry readings; and most of all the self-guided walking tours in Nutley and neighboring Bloomfield.

He has published three book-length photo collections.

And the photos keep coming.

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New York City

In Plain View

NEW YORK CITY SNAPSHOTS In Plain View by Anthony Buccino

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I Love New York     

Rockefeller Center 

Times Square          




VJ Day          

Toys R Us     

The Village   

Homeward Bound

Snapshot Photography

Here's how I explain my 'snapshot photography'.

Basically, it's walking around with a camera and shooting whatever looks interesting. I like odd and cute things, but also the ordinary.

For the most part the photos are happenstance, unless I find a box of stuff in my house and try to see if I can make them interesting. I'm surprised at how some old coffee cans in a wooden milk box can bring out the photographer in me.

When I worked for a newspaper in 1990, I was reporter and cameraman. That's when I got used to having a camera with me all the time.

Only recently have I begun to check out YouTube videos and watch photographer shows on TV. While I may never go to Alaska to shoot moose or bear with my camera, the skills remain the same. They also help to know what to look for before you take a photo.

A lot of experienced photographers will set up and take one great shot or the same shot with different exposures or lenses.

With snapshot photography, to me, it's more of an in-the-moment shot.

Or I'll be walking along any Nutley street in New York, Jersey City, Nutley, New Brunswick or your neighborhood and spot something or even walk past it but I'm suddenly drawn back to shoot it.

That doesn't mean that my photos aren't getting better, but it doesn't take anything away from the thousands of earlier photos, either.

So I end up with, after hours and hours of walks through various parts of anywhere, USA, I end up with thousands of photos.

Some are better than others and some need to have their art drawn out with cropping. I don't use a lot of photo tricks, but sometimes the photo I got wasn't the one I thought I got.

In selecting photos for my collections, I search through thousands on-topic, pulling out photos with potential, then the culling begins.

It ends with my favorite shots. They may not be your favorite shots, and they may never win photo competitions, but there is something in each selected photo that speaks to me.


A work in progress

New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, New Orleans.

Nutley, New Jersey

In Plain View

Nutley Snapshots  In Plain View by Anthony Buccino



Nichols Park

Proudly We Wave

Remember Me


Kingsland Park

Kingsland Manor


Feathered Friends



Passaic River-Hackensack River, Newark, New Jersey

Passaic River - guided tour of two rivers and Newark Bay

Belleville Sons Honor Roll

Lt. jg. Edward Zuczek, lost at sea.

Lafayette Village, Newton, New Jersey

Lafayette Village, Newton, NJ.


Italy photograph by Anthony Buccino

Paterson, New Jersey

Lambert Castle, W. Paterson, by Anthony Buccin

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City Snapshots

Jersey City Snapshots By Anthony Buccino




City Streets




River Traffic


The Majestic

Grundy Park

Trump Tower

World Trade Center


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