By Anthony Buccino


In Plain View

Volume one of a series of photo collections to showcase the all-around beauty and some of the history of the northern New Jersey township of Nutley.


Nichols Park

Proudly We Wave

Remember Me


Kingsland Park

Kingsland Manor


Feathered Friends



Full Color on White paper; 126 pages; 185

ISBN-13: 978-1973948919

ISBN-10: 1973948915


NUTLEY DINER - Nutley Snapshots by Anthony Buccino


Thanks to wife, Dawn, and my daughter, Dr. Andrea, who always encourage me to take long, long walks with or without my cameras.

Thomas Francisco, professional photographer who continues to inspire me.

Nutley Mayor Joseph P. Scarpelli, the Walk & Talk series, Greenutley, and the Nutley Farmers’ Market for encouraging those three-mile walks through the park where every trip shows something new.

Nutley Parks & Public Property Department Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci. All of our town workers who help maintain the parks, public property, and the many, many memorials throughout town.

Nichols Hat Company; Nichols Park.

Nutley Memorial Committee which created Nutley Memorial Parkway and Nutley’s memorial parks. John R. Clark, Dr. Thomas E. Satterthwaite, Charles B. Vroom, and William J. Berg. 

Nutley Historical Society; John Simko, museum director and tour guide for annual Walk in the Park. Ann Troy, historian. Ed Stecewicz, historian.

Historic Restoration Trust; Kingsland Manor.

The Veterans Council. Tyler Huey, U.N. Gardens restoration. Robert Vangieri. Nutley Diner. D’Alessio Master Tailor. Mario’s Hair Stylist; MEAL. Capalbo’s Gift Baskets.

Nutley Snapshots – In Plain View, NJ, by Anthony Buccino

Local author, Anthony Buccino to lead Walk & Talk in Nutley Parks

NUTLEY, N.J. -- Leaving his keyboard and camera for a brisk morning walk, local author Anthony Buccino led the Walk & Talk through Nutley parks.

 Nearly two dozen walkers enjoyed a refreshing three-mile roundtrip walk from the pre-opening Nutley Farmers Market, Municipal Parking Lot 1, William St. and Franklin Ave., through Nutley parks along the Third River to Kingsland Park and back.

A Nutley resident for four decades, Buccino and will talk at brief intervals about Nutley history, the Nutley Sons honored throughout the Memorial Parks, Nutley notables, the Kingsland Manor, the Vreeland House, and growing up near these parks in the good old days he’s written about in several of his books.

Folks who wanted to only walk were encouraged to do so at the risk of missing out on historic tidbits.

The author has just published his fifth book about town, Nutley Snapshots In Plain View, volume one of nearly 200 photos around the township. His other books include Nutley Notables, Nutley Sons Honor Roll, Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War and Yountakah Country. Copies are available online. Bring along your copies of his book for him to sign at the end of the walk.

Formed in 2008, Greenutley is the Township of Nutley’s Go Green Committee comprised of the Mayor and Board of Commissioners, representatives from all five township departments and community members. The committee is currently under the auspices of Commissioner Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli and the Department of Public Works.

Through education, events, and activities, Greenutley is raising awareness of the importance of green choices in our everyday lives and providing simple, effective ways for each of us to contribute to the sustainability of our community and our planet, including saving energy, recycling and reducing waste, eating local/organic food, and reducing pollution.

LAURA GARDENS - NUTLEY SNAPSHOTS In Plain Sight by Anthony Buccino



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