Photography By Anthony Buccino

The secret of each spice is knowing when to use it,
when to shoot it, and when to toss it

This book is dedicated to cooks

OLD SPICES Photography by Anthony BuccinoCooks. Short-order cooks, tall order cooks, bakers, sous chefs, gourmet chefs, dessert designers, chocolatiers, cannoli stuffers, bread bakers, broiler masters, pizza makers, oven openers, microwavers, popcorn poppers, and picture lovers.

That includes anyone who ever took up a frying pan, cookie sheet, throwaway foil pan, wok, pressure cooker, spatula, ladle, pot lid and any other implements in preparing a feast, a snack or a cup of coffee.

Where would our taste buds be without the subtle touch of the perfect pinch of spice in the perfect amount on our favorite food? Here's to everyone whoever added a touch of this, a pinch of that, and a smidgen of this!

 Photos, like spices, can be an acquired taste.


 First, my wife Dawn, upon whose collection of spices these photos are built. She is the one who says as I daydream along, 'hey, that would be a nice picture. Why don't you pull over and shoot it.' Unless it's cold/hot, she'll say, leave the car running. And the occasional glance at a photo and say, 'what's that?'

 Essex Photo Club for helping me learn how to create a good photo, what makes a good photo better, and what the rules are, there are no rules, go against the rules, the picture is mine, and thanks for the tips.

OLD SPICES Photography by Anthony Buccino, book length photo collection

OLD SPICES Photos Include:

Toothpicks, nutella, Zatarains gumbo file, chef Paul Prudhomme, Black Peppercorn Grinder, McCormick ground cinnamon, pepper, rosemary leaves, paprika, black pepper, chili powder, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, ground thyme, ground cloves, Durkee, Mrsdash, Gravymaster, VitaminSpice, Davis baking powder, red hot cayenne pepper sauce, granulated garlic, Domino sugar cinnamon, Durkee peppercorns, poultry seasoning, pure vanilla extract, basil leaves, Lawrys seasoned salt, pure almond extract, Durkee dillweed, and more

In no particular order!

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OLD SPICES Photography by Anthony Buccino

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