Photo Gallery: Street Photography, Part One

By Anthony Buccino

All Photos by Anthony Buccino

New York City

The Cornelia Street Cafe, Greenwich Village, NYC, 2009  A Buccino

Don't Even THINK of Parking Here, NYC, 2009  A Buccino

Naked Cowboy, NYC, 2009  A Buccino

Balloon Delivery, NYC, 2010  A Buccino

 Pizza Maker, Times Deli Cafe, We Deliver, NYC, 2009  A Buccino

New Orleans

Jackson Square, Jax Brewery, artists, art work, NOLA, 2015  A Buccino

Jazz Funeral, NOLA. 2015  A Buccino

Ed. Smith's Stencil Works, NOLA, 2010  A Buccino

TIME OUT sports bar & grill, BREAKFAST, Gator Hash, Shrimp & Grits, 2015  A Buccino

 Royal Pharmacy, Coca-Cola, Soda, NOLA, 2011  A Buccino

Jersey City, NJ

Colgate Co 1906, Historical Site, Jersey City, 2005  A Buccino

Booted Scofflaw, Jersey City, 2007  A Buccino

Suzy & Sean 2004, Newport Centre Mall, Jersey City, 2004  A Buccino

Japanese Restaurant, Warren St, Jersey City NJ, 2006  A Buccino

 Window Shopping, Pier Apartments, Jersey City NJ, 2005  A Buccino

Nutley, NJ

Creepy Car Passenger, decal, Nutley NJ, 2023  A Buccino

Parked Car in Downpour, Nutley NJ, 2023  A Buccino

Chestnut Street After 9 P.M., Nutley NJ, 2023  A Buccino

Railroad Crossing, Highfield Lane, Nutley NJ, 2019  A Buccino

 Night Lights at Stop Light, On3, Nutley NJ, 2022  A Buccino

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